The Liebster Award

Fried Pixels


Basking in the mini sun’s soft glow, an insistent breeze compelled me to look around. Twisting like a leaf in a current, my gaze leapt over trees and meadows. Racing up the heights, and back down to the ants. To the depths of the birch forest in the west, and… well, to the depths of the birch forest in the east. Narrowed as my focus had been, unwilling to set aside my mini sun, a shrinking sensation crept through my limbs. Like the edges of a map unfurling, the world would keep expanding until I discovered what I was supposed to see.

Hmm, there?

A butterfly twiddling his wings on a flower?

No, no, something else.

The spherical toad, with his throat swollen from croaking?

No, still not right.

A crick bringing my whirling dervish imitation to a halt, there it was! Hovering, literally, level with my nose, close enough…

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5 thoughts on “The Liebster Award”

    1. I am still crafting up my response to the nomination, I don’t know if I’m too late to post, but I don’t have much free time outside my main posts… nevertheless, whatever happens I will let you know how I do! 🙂 thanks for asking!


    1. Thank for informing me! I got the notification on day two of having a blog and had near no idea how I should go about it, I will be sure and get that taken care of accordingly before I post anything else. I really appreciate your guidance!

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