And so Marks the Beginning – Page 2

As we pace quickly in tandem with our newfound companion, his rather loud get-up catches your eye. Vibrant hues were woven into nearly every thread, a well pressed shirt neatly tucked into his suit pants all topped with leather braces and flawlessly knotted tie. An odd mix of flashy and well polished left you wondering who it was you were really getting involved with. The new moon made the walk near unnavigable, with only the occasional street light to mark your path. The woods around, absolutely silent, added to the unsettling atmosphere. It always feels like eyes are on you in the quiet dark, but Samuel’s voice as you stepped along kept your nerves easy. Until suddenly, a shrieking noise tore through the night as a large bird swooped low and up onto a nearby tree. You both froze as you looked hard to identify the massive feathered thing, it’s back turned to you making it hard to distinguish. All at once, its head flipped around and a hoot gave it away. A curious barn owl had come to watch you walk your way.



Relieved, a sigh escapes you both as your iced over stance relaxes back to a cool composed posture. Still stopped, Samuel turns to you, “This might be a good moment to slow things down and let you know what’s going on here. I admit, I’m not who you expect me to be, and what lies ahead… it’s a lot to take in. What you see from here re-writes all the rules, and as always, the dangers are many. Before we go any further, I want to make sure you’re on board?”

You get a good second look at him now, his Cheshire smile is all but wiped from his face and you can tell he’s being as serious as he can be. His dark brown eyes stare back at you unflinching, and the scar wrapping around his face only emphasizes the dangers ahead. He then reaches out his left hand to meet you, a cunning gesture, as your hesitation and equal seriousness gave away your desire to see what was to come.


While more custom to extend a right hand, the thought doesn’t even cross your mind as the dim road lights brilliantly mirror off a gold ring and watch. The blinding light is distracting, and the allure of gold is a physical phenomenon like nothing else. When you really focused on him, this guy practically looked like he was keeping the local jeweler in business! Despite it all, you cautiously clasp his hand with yours. A wide grin arose on his face, his eyes sparkled, and lastly he closed the deal with three words. “Until the end.”

Moving onward you see that you’re nearing a car. Emotions well as the eagerness of adventure takes a tight hold of your heart. So until then…

Most Sincerely Yours,

Samuel Hyde




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5 thoughts on “And so Marks the Beginning – Page 2”

  1. I loved how you create the setting and the mysterious Mr. Samuel with his “odd mix of flashy and well polished” and Cheshire grin. You are braver than I am, shaking his hand in an unknown deal and following him into …


    1. Thank you very much! To be very honest, it’s much harder for me to write my stories than it is to draw my scenes 🙂 I really appreciate your eye for details and I love your “Tend prompt,” you’re an excellent poet!


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