The Villain You Already Know – Page 3

As our journey begins, the proverbial die is cast. A second player materializes from the ether, one I’m sure you’re well familiar. It goes by many monikers, a force of nature unlike any other. Just uttering its name is said to bring it that much closer to you, and even to the non-superstitious, it’s considered an act of bad taste to mention it.

And here something emerges now, stepping slowly through the foggy haze. As you look around you see the landscape has carved stones jutting out every so often. A cemetery. Closer still, the shadowy figure labors on. Finally, it stops at an unmarked grave, glancing over to check for any noticeable features. Its search halts as its eyes find a modest watch, politely laid atop the resting place. A sinister chuckle echoed through the burial grounds, and your eyes do not deceive you; a boney hand hovered over the timepiece to retrieve it. This entity in front of you, was Death. Clad in black, the reaper returned to its stroll, almost as if to inspect the whole graveyard. As it moved past, you can make out that sand was seeping through its suit, escaping from every corner leaving a trail of golden colored dust behind.

All I know, is that someone’s time was nearing its end. Surely, a race against the clock is now on the table, and the future even more uncertain. So until then…

Most Sincerely Yours,

Samuel Hyde

Posted in Art

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