Onto the Pavement – Page 4

Back on our path, you and Samuel finally reach his automobile. It was like gazing upon a relic of a time long gone.

A deep royal blue, the classic color effortlessly matched with the coupe’s streamlined craftsmanship. You carefully open the side door, and shut it ever-so-softly after taking your seat, as if to prevent tarnishing its pristine condition. A laugh fills the passenger compartment, “It’s just a car you know, no need to act like you’re in a fine china shop. You should have seen this thing when I picked up the scrapped frame from the junkyard. It’s come a long way from the rusted heap it was. I’m not the most gifted handyman around, but you can do anything with enough time. I’ve had my fair share of that and then some.” He turns the key, flips on the stereo, and accelerates onto the highway. You’re now officially making headway to wherever this studio of his actually was. A jazzy rhythm accompanies your drive, a rather refreshing change in atmosphere from the suspenseful silence of your walk. “Well we have a ways until we arrive, so I’m curious, what’s your story?” For all his quirks, the man sure was blunt, no hesitation to him whatsoever. You respond with the regulars, and are quickly interrupted, “No no no, I mean, what are you really about? This drive is only so long you know!” Isn’t it difficult when someone demands to know something of real substance about you? Being put on the spot this way is more a question of your character, if anything else. Like prodding to see exactly what you’re willing to reveal, whether you embellish the truth, or if you even tell the truth at all to name a few. As much as you want to take the safe route and feed him a few shallow lines… you’re already in the car. My dear reader, is it really an adventure if you aren’t willing to risk something of yourself? So, in for a penny, in for a pound; you lay it all out as quickly and eloquently as you can. Not the easiest balance I might add. The music slowly swells into a frenzy, almost to match the convoluted mess one can expect when unraveling their person entirely. You hastily finish the last few statements all jumbled into one sentence, leaving you gasping for air. The tune dies down as you catch your breath. Samuel can’t help but exude another wide grin, a look worth wagering… you’ll be seeing a lot more of. His eyes dart to you for a split second before fixing back on the road ahead, “Well here I thought you’d be just like everyone else, but I must admit, I was dead wrong. Touché stranger, very interesting. Not too common to meet someone so genuine.” Just as you’re about to ask your own questions, the coupe comes to a sudden stop and the engine cuts off. “We’re here.” A slumped two story building stands in front of you and now you have a much more urgent quandary on your mind, why on earth are we at a broken down bar?

So until then…

Most Sincerely Yours,

Samuel Hyde

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15 thoughts on “Onto the Pavement – Page 4”

  1. Well Mr Hyde.. I want to write about a description of me as an answer of the part where you ask the reader the question.. And see if it plays out in your little sketches… So do I have your permission for doing so?


      1. Special retards was a name that we gave a group of people I used to call as friends 7 years ago.. It’s all gone to shit.. This name is kinda my way to someway still have a decent way of not giving up on the people I once loved


      2. Thank you for the explanation, so what is it you’re exactly trying to accomplish by referencing your answer to the fictional character, Mr. Hyde? My page is purely for entertaining readers, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously.


      3. I truly do appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to get involved at blogging. I see you have put a lot of work into your page thus far with how much you’ve written in such a short time. I just don’t think my page makes for a good collaborative effort. As my schedule is very undetermined, the sketches are very laborious, and I do this as a hobby. I can’t offer a serious collaboration on my end, and I would not want to impose my pressured schedule onto you either. I truly do apologize, and I appreciate your understanding. Godspeed with you future writing, I look forward to reading your developments!


    1. Thank you so much! I hope I can keep on posting good pieces 🙂 I really do like your streamlined avatar design; easily distinguishable, to the point, and very charming! The best of luck on your page as well, it looks like we are both on our way to becoming regular bloggers! Thanks again and have an excellent day

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the kind words! It means an awful lot for someone to take precious time out of their day to compliment another person’s craft. I hope I can continue to post sketches that are up to snuff 🙂 genuinely, thank you, and I loved your “My Path” poem! I could learn a lot from excellent writers such as yourself!

      Liked by 1 person

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