Dear Reader – Page 5

My dear reader, I hope you are doing well, enjoying life and all of its splendid nuances. If I may, and before stepping back into our perilous journey alongside Samuel Hyde, allow me to preface this page with a short statement from yours truly. I would love to continue posting as I have been. However, I’ve so much enjoyed getting to read all of your thoughtful jottings, daily logs and accounts of literary and worldly adventure, that I would like to revise my previous posting style so that I may write more often. As I am an artist first and foremost, that is the main focus of my page. To accommodate a shorter schedule, I will be limiting most posts to one sketch. This will slow the story down a bit, but the quality of sketches will be much higher. Also, I will be able to write much more on each scene and really flush out all the details . This post will be the first trial of my new style, and I hope you enjoy this direction. If you do, any and all feedback is much appreciated! As always, thank you very much for your continued interest and support of my passionate hobby, you have my deepest gratitude. Now, back to the exciting stuff…

As you both exit the coupe, you start making your way towards the rather worn building. “Not what you were expecting, or are you not too fond of the bar scene?” I think it’s fair to say anyone who has experienced a truly thorough bender, may never wish to see another barstool or billiards table so long as they live. Samuel, however, was cracking a joke, and a pretty pathetic one at that. Although, acknowledging the rather disappointing location settled your initial shock. As you look over to give a small uneasy laugh, he was already sporting a wide grin. And I mean, wide, for him. He smiled an awful lot, but he was smirking like he knew something you didn’t. You wouldn’t have to wait long to figure that out either, because as you stopped in front of the building… it looked brand new.

The sides, visible just a moment ago, were crumbly brick walls and the shingle roof was ancient. “It’s going to take a lot more to finish it, but this used to be the most popular hangout in town. The good times wore this place right out. The entrance has been remodeled identically, down to every last nail of the original.” Upon seeing it, clearly, the doorway must have been the handy work of a master carpenter. The fine wood accents stained a golden brown. Most interesting of all, was that the door was in fact leading down to a basement level. On ground level, large windows were prevalent… but the building was too tall for just two floors, given the basement as a floor, yet no windows or vents were present where a second floor could be. All you could notice was decorative metal rail spanning across the face of the pub, and a single neon martini sign. “So, you ready to see what we’re here for?” Giving the nod, you head down the steps to a set of pearl white doors, and your eyes widen as Samuel reaches for the brass knob. Wondering, what were you really here for, and was there more to this bar than you initially believed? So until then…

Most Sincerely Yours,

Samuel Hyde

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